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Creatives License
One license, full transparancy

At Twibfy we try to make everything as easy as possible. That's why we are working with one license only, the twibfy creatives license. To help you understand and clearify what is and what isn't allowed with the content you buy, we put together the most important basics of this license.

The Basics

When you buy an image via Twibfy, you obtain a license to use that image. This license is granted to you personally, you cannot allow another person or legal entity to use your right to use the image. When you have downloaded the image, you may edit the image and use the image for your own commercial purposes, for instance in the advertisement of your company. However, you may not use the image for products that you intend to sell. You are not required to mention the name of the creator of the image.

You can...

Edit the image, for instance using Photoshop or incorporating the image in a larger project.

Reproduce the image without limitation, for instance by printing the image or using the image in an online newsletter.

Use the image for commercial purposes, such as in advertisement or on your company website.

Use the image without attribution, meaning no copyright symbol (©) with a name is required.

You cannot...

Transfer your license to the image or give a (sub-)license to the image to a third party, meaning you alone may use the image for yourself or your company.

Sell products using or including the image, so you may for instance not print the image on a t-shirt or canvas and sell the t-shirt or canvas.

Let another person or company sell products using or including the image, meaning you cannot use another person or company to circumvent the previous rule.

Something else

If you’re still unclear about what is or isn’t allowed under the CreativesLicense, please respect the creator and contact the Twibfy team or the seller for clarification.